Friday, 15 July 2011

Minaj and me

I was watching Marley and Me on Sunday and the begining of the story is soooooooooo freakishly similar to my story.."Minaj and Me".

Some of you know about my 9 month old puppy Minaj, she was abandoned at 4 weeks old so I looked after her thinking it would be a short term thing, until I found her a good home.

Boy was I wrong! Turns out, my hubby got so attached,  he couldn't bare the thought of giving her up when a few people said they would love to take her.

So, we had to give her a name now that we were keeping her....we struggled but then I remembered the first time I met her, she was crying, so I put her in my lap while I was driving home, stroking her (didn't work), so I put my music on..and yep, you guessed, it was my Nikki Minaj mixtape, the puppy was silent all the way home....Meet Minaj....

Here is her story in pictures.

Expensive taste already!

Expensive taste in lipgloss (YSL)

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