Tuesday, 19 July 2011

E45: A classic brand with a new product

My ma ALWAYS used that huge pot of E45 on our skin when we were kids, so it's a brand that will always evoke childhood memories for me.

E45 has come a long way since then with a brand new specially formulated body lotion....to nourish mature skin and anyone who knows me, also will know my beauty philosophy..prevention is better than cure. So, why not start looking after the skin on your body as well as your face from NOW to prevent wrinkly skin?

The three key ingredients in E45's Endless Moisture Derma Restore are;

1. Glycerine - the moisture magnet.

2. Poly Hydroxy Acids (PHA's) - delivers anti-ageing benefits of AHA'a without any irritation.

3. Nicotinamide - Form of Vitamin B3 to boost collagen production.

Available from Boots for £4.59.


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