Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Rimmel’s GlamEyes Liquid Liner Vs Mac’s LiquidLast

I have been using Mac’s LiquidLast liner for around 6 years now, I love it! It doesn’t flake, smudge, budge, it stays put all day/night long. You could sleep in this eyeliner and wake up with the same perfect black flicks created the day before.

I have been told by a number of friends that apparently Rimmel’s GlamEyes is exactly the same but a quarter of the price. Do NOT believe anyone who tells you this. I picked up a GlamEyes liner while I was at the Clothes Show because I had to try this out for myself.

I like Rimmel, it reminds me of when I was a little kid and I used to draw all over my face with my ma’s chunky double ended eyeshadow sticks (they were great). I also like Mac, not everything though, I have loads of Mac lipsticks because I love the colours but the quality is certainly not the best, they are drying and flakey. However, I do have my hero products from all make up brands and the LiquidLast eyeliner is without a doubt my Mac hero product.


GlamEyes is easy to apply, the brush is nice and long and the formula is quite watery which is good for someone learning how to use eyeliner but not for me, it takes to long to dry. I have been doing eyeliner for over 10 years so I can sweep a flick on in one swoosh. Mac’s LiquidLast has a shorter and finer brush and the formula is slightly thicker, it’s also prone to thickening if you have it for too long (which is fine for me but my sister doesn’t like it for that one reason.)

Lasting power

Like I said before, LiquidLast literally lasts until you remove it with an oil based make up remover/cleanser. It’s great and I like how it dries black, unlike other eyeliners, which dry as a dark grey colour. I found that GlamEyes flaked and started to look grey throughout the day. I put both eyeliners on the back of my hand, after washing my hands once, the GlamEyes completely washed off.

Top: Mac LiquidLast Bottom: Rimmel GlamEyes

Only Macs' LiquidLast after washing hands once
And the Winner is…, definitely Mac’s LiquidLast. It’s worth spending that bit extra money on a superior quality product. You’ll have to make sure you’re confident if you decide to use LiquidLast because it does dry quick and if you make a mistake, you’ll have to use baby oil on a cotton bud to fix it.

Which is your favourite eyeliner?

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