Friday, 3 December 2010

The Healing Powers of Peace

Around two weeks ago I stupidly burnt my arm on a hot-as-hell oven tray. I was left with a 7cm burn mark, which was fine, I have lots of other burn mark scars. However, I accidentally discovered that the Davina Peace Body Oil has been healing the burn scars on my arm.

Due the cold weather lately, I have guiltily indulged in having a bath at night and after my bath, I have been using the Davina Peace Body Oil because it sinks into my skin right away and I don’t have to worry about having time to moisturise in the morning after my shower, because my skin still feels silky smooth.

Anyway, around two days after I first burnt my arm, I noticed the burn mark had started to scab over and heal; my skin usually takes a week to get to this stage of healing. I couldn’t work out at first why it was healing so quickly, and then I remembered I had used the Davina Peace Body Oil for the first time.

This skin elixir contains the finest organic repairing oils such as, Organic Jojoba Oil to enhance skin’s supplenmess and elasticity, Organic Borage Oil, a rich source of Gamma Linolenic Acid) to relive and heal dry skin and Organic Saflower which replenishes moisture. The anti-ageing Crambe Maritima sea plant extract revitalises, smoothes and helps maintain youthful skin.

After 2 days of using Davina Peace Body Oil

After 4 days

My arm yesterday
I used this oil seven times in total, at night and my burn mark is fully healed, there is the slightest redness if you really look hard but it’s like it never happened. I highly recommend this product, I wish it was available in a super size so I don’t have to use it so sparingly. It’s absolutely amazing.

Davina Peace Body products are available online or in Harrods.

100ml bottle costs £45.00.


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