Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wonder products from Sephora

So, while my gals were sunbathing on South Beach, I literally spent 3 hours in Sephora in make up Heaven!

I took a whole load of pictures on my Blackberry but I've lost them and now have an i-phone (which I am loving byt he way).

L.A ink tattooist, Kat Von D has her own make up range, which is very dark and quite gothic, some of the eyeliners/eye pencils looked great, perfect for smouldering smokey eyes.

I love Sephora's own range of cosmetics, they are affordable and have a great range of colours for eyes, lips and cheeks. I snapped up some eye pencils and eye liners for around $4 each! The quality is really good, especially for that price. They glide on like the Mac eye pencils.

I had read about ex-model 'Josie Maran's" cosmetic and skincare range in Nylon Magazine. Sephora didn'[t have any cosmetics but they did have the Josia Maran Organic Argan Oil Moisturiser. Argan Oil is found in Morocco and is said to be the secret to youthful skin after Moroccan women who worked with the oil had amazingly youthful skin on their hands.

After being in the burning sun in the Maldives and then Miami, my skin was really dehydrated and alcked it's usual glow. This Argan Oil brought my skin back to life, you can use it on skin, hair and nails. I used it on my skin after being in the sun every day, it glided on with a silky feeling, it feels amazing. I also used it on the ends of my hair which the sun had dried out.

Another product I discovered is 'Fiberwig', it's a mascara product you use on top of mascara instead of false lashes.

I like this product because even though I love the look of false lashes, they can sometimes irritate me, this product fills in gaps and extends lashes using fibres. The results are great, I must warn you though, when you take your make up off at night, the fibres can be a bit annoying because they sort of peel off but I would much rather make sure my make up is taken off properly than rip off false lashes. Ouch!

It is such a massive shame that Sephora was taken out of the U.K! Please come baaaaaaack!

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