Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Oh NARS! You're making me blush!

I think I might have to change my blog to ‘make up blush girl’ because I feel like I’m always talking about blushers. If there is one make up item I can’t do without, it is definitely blusher. It brings my skin to life, accentuates my cheekbones, evens out my skin tone and even balances out my features.

One of my favourite brands is NARS and if I had to award NARS for anything, it would have to be ‘The BEST Blusher Award’.

The range of highly pigmented colours, which are available in cream or powder are intense, dreamy, soft, bright and I love how the colours complement all skin tones.

Last weekend I picked up Taos pressed powder blush, a peachy rose with subtle specks of gold shimmer (sold out in Selfridges Oxford St, so I had to go to John Lewis). My tan is majorly fading and Taos managed to bring it back to life! It’s a really soft, warm colour.

From Taos to Taj Mahal, Taj Mahal is as amazing as the inspiration behind its name. A magnificent burnt orange with shimmer, which really makes my skin glow. I look so healthy when I wear Taj Mahal, I know it looks really bright but this is amazing on all skin colours.

I could babble on about blushers all day long, go and visit a NARS counter and see the vast array of colours for yourselves.

Brighten up your face and I promise you it brightens up your day, works for me.

I’m a NARS addict and proud!


(Left: Taos /Right: Taj Mahal)

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