Sunday, 10 January 2010

Major apologies, mini make up

Hiya, (and a belated Happy New Year)

I am so sorry for the major delay in updating my blog. Not only have I been major busy but I also believe in blogging about something worth saying and not just for the sake of it.

So, everyone starts off a new year with resolutions like giving up chocolate (NEVER), going to the gym (NEVER) or whatever else. I'm starting my new year with objectives like I must get a webcam so I can start vlogging and I must spend more time with my babies (my doggies).

So, over the Christmas and New Year holidays there was one product I was very impressed with. I must admit when I first got it, I thought 'yeah, yeah, just another mascara'. However, good things really do come in small packages;

This is a mini mascara by Bourjois, called Volume Glamour in Ultra Black. There a few things I love about this product;

1. It really does give you volumised glamourous lashes.
2. The size, because mascara should be changed every 3 months because of the build up of bacteria, this size is perfect and you don't feel awful throwing it out because you've not wasted anything.
3. The cute mobile phone hook thing, love it! Perfect in case of an emergency and it's dangling off your phone.

Just to finish off, I know it's not make up related but I must show you something fabulous;

These rings belong to my sister, Gripse. I haven't seen anything like these anywhere on the High St. They will soon be available to buy, will keep you updated. However, if you just can't wait, message me or post a message on my wall and I'll get Gripse to contact you.

So, for now "it's been enotional". I need to go and get my daily fix of Celeb Big Bro.

Katia-sort out your grosse chipped nail polish! Urgh.



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