Friday, 11 December 2009

Je'Taime Bourjois

Bon Soir,

Sorry, got a bit carried away with the whole French thing! So, the Clothes Show Live has came to an end (sad face). It was so much fun, I met some really cool people (The girls from Never Fully Dressed, Kim at 2Adorn, the Bourjois gals) and I got some great bargains too! I am definitely going on the last day next year, I couldn't believe how cheap stuff went, apart from the make up brush stand! I was not happy with them, the brushes are amazing and yeah they were a bargain, however, they bumped up their prices on the last day and I bought some for my mate (Lulu lost all the nice Chanel brushes I got her) after the woman on the stand said they won't be going down, then in the last hour they reduced them big time!

Moving on, I am in love with Bourjois' Illuminating Touch. It's a peachy/gold highlighter in the cute Bourjois packaging. Take a look;

It's an easy to use highlighter and gives a nice peachy shimmery sheen, I have applied it with a blusher brush on my cheekbones and on my brow bone. I actually forgot how good Bourjois' products are and I'm glad the Bourjois stand at the Clothes Show reminded me about the good quality and nice range of products. Those French certainly do it well!

Bon Nuit from me.



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