Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dull, lifeless skin? You need Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

Good morning from Cyprus,

How are you all today? Weather here is good after the thunderstorm and I've just had a boxing session, which I really enjoyed, it was so good releasing all that frustration. I'm not a gym bunny at all, but I definitely want to continue boxing. I also had my body fat measured which is 17.9%, it's OK but I want to get it lower. So, I'll have to cut down on, that IS a challenge!

Today's review is about a product which has recently entered my 'hero' range. I have been using Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (HMS) since December when my tan had finally faded and my skin was back to it's original olive-yellow tone. My lifeless skin needed some va va voom, I read about Healthy Mix Serum in all the mags when it first launched. I then saw it at the Clothes Show Live but the Bourjois stand was soooooo busy I didn't get a chance to match my colour.

Finally, I got my hands on some and I LOVE it! It's a light gel foundation infused with vitamins from lychee, goji berries and pomegranate. 

Here is a picture of the skin on my hands without HMS. 
Lifeless, dull...veiny
Here is a picture of my skin with HMS, just look at the difference.

Luminous, even skin tone
HMS has a semi-matt finish and is really easy to blend, I have applied this without a mirror when I've been in a rush for work, it has been my skin-saver during the miserable winter months when my skin is at it's dullest peak. However, I will continue to wear this all year round. At the moment, I am wearing number 55, an olive-beige. Obviously, when I have a tan, I will need to go maybe a shade or two darker.

Bourjois HMS is officially one of my hero products.

Have you tried HMS? 


  1. This sounds amazing. I wish they gave out samples, though, my skin is so sensitive I only have to look at certain products to get a break out!

  2. hi! im trying to get this but was trying to color match yourself...what Mac equivalent would the shade 55 be? maybe nc40? or may i ask what shade you use in other foundations? thanks alot!

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