Thursday, 22 December 2011

New Loves

Just a quickie on some new loves in my life;

1. The Tangle Teezer (why did I delay buying this for so long?!!!)
2. Garnier's BB Cream ( errr, same as above...this is on offer at Boots 2 for £15)
3. Liz Earle's Skin Tint (actually in LOVE with this tinted moisturiser)
4. Agent Provocateur's Maitresse Purse Spray
5. King & Queen's Body Milk in Nefertiti Honey (smells like real honey)
6. Nicoletta's Marshmallow Blends Amaretto Sugar Scrub Cubes (OMG, I want to eat them, they smell so good and one cube is enough for your whole body).
7. Jemma Kidd Lipgloss
8. Trish McEvoy's Fan Brush

What are your new loves? Tomorrow I'll post my Old Flames.. ooh la la.

Over and out.


  1. ooooh wow, more products for me to get, actually a couple have wantesd to try for a while, the liz earle tinted moisturiser and habe soooooo been meaning to get a tangle teaser, love them even more too because they aren't expensive, will try the garnier bb cream and jemma kidd gloss, sooo many things... If you love the smell of honey, u should try the lush soap honey i washed the kids, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and a great scent too, well i think so, they also do arshower gel called its raining men, smells good. As I love amaretto , think I'll give those sugar cubes a whirl too..... Think I'm a total product junkie, can you tell? Thanks Farrah! TReats for me for Christmas... As no one is buying me hoo! X
    Have a superb Christmas and N.Y all lots of fun for 2012! x Vanessa

  2. ooops how many mistakes in that post.... Sorry! x

  3. Love Tangle Teezer and want to try the AP perfume :-)

  4. Thanks for your comments guys.

    @vanessa, I walked past Lush the other day and was looking for an excuse to go in and buy something, will go and check the soap out, thanks. I always have to treat myself too :( watch out for my clearout I'm having, hopefully you can bag yourself a freebie.x

    @Lucy, tangle teezer has helped my wild banshee hair out soooooo much.


  5. I need a tangle teezer in my life now! xx

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