Sunday, 9 October 2011


Introducing the world's next generation of gel polish, the FIRST smart gel! Of course it's only natural for ORLY to create such a revolutionary product, if you didn't already know, ORLY created the Original French Manicure and the gripper cap (amongst many other nail-life changing products).

ORLY GelFX is a vitamin-infused gel polish manicure system, there are 32 shades will all match up to ORLY top selling colours so you can touch up re-growth or paint your toes (or vice versa for whichever you choose to GelFX).

Unlike most other gel polishes, GeFX cures in just 30 seconds under LED light rather than UV light (which takes longer).

It applies like a polish, really easily and quick and the removal process is just as easy and speedy.

I chose to wear Countryclub Khaki, I LOVE this colour, this was out way before the whole greige frenzy, it is from a past collection called Prepster. This colour has been in such massive demand that ORLY have decided to bring it back as a gel polish and regular polish.

I must also add that like all other ORLY products, GelFX is also 3-free, so it is safe to wear during pregnancy.

I had my GelFX on for a week because I got bored and wanted to change to Pixy Stix (a stunning girly pink/coral). I had no chips or wear at all, and I am always getting my hands and nails caught in things as well as washing my hands up to 15 times a day.

GelFX is out NOW! I have tried a lot of gel polish manicures and GelFX is definitely my FAVOURITE!


  1. The packaging looks awesome, I offer Shellac as a treatment and 30 seconds instead of waiting 2 minutes sounds great.

    Is this on sale now? L x

  2. The packaging is so hot, I agree, so different.

    Yep, it's out now, available to SOOOOO many colours.

  3. These look amazing! Love the choice of colours! :-)

  4. Are they back in stock now then hun? x

  5. I think we have individual colours in, just no kits. They sold like hot cakes within a week!

    Deffo got more coming in on their way from LA.

  6. Sounds interesting. I usually have the bio sculpture gel treatment done. How long does the Orly GelFx polishes last for on a average? Where is it available and how much is it?

    check out my blog here @ hothappenings

  7. any problems removing same saw some comments that it was difficult to remove

  8. Have any of tried Orly's new gel yet? I've been using it for several weeks now and I really think the vitamin oil that they infuse the polishes with really help my nails. It's like having nailtique and soak off gel all in one... I'm not sure if they have it anymore but I bought the orly gel for only $12.95 from

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