Sunday, 14 August 2011

Get your golden tan with Thalgo & Hampton Sun

I have olive skin and I am multi-racial but as I have got older, I have realised that my skin takes longer to tan and doesn't tan as good as it used to.

However, since I have got back from holiday (and while I was on hols), I have had so many comments about the colour of my skin. My golden tan is all thanks to some innovative products which I am going to share with you all...

Earlier this year I bought the Hampton Sun range from Space.NK's January sale. I had seen it the previous summer and was eager to try it. I have always used Institut Esthederm or KORRES sun care products so I was curious about the Hampton Sun range..I mean, how hot does it actually get in the Hamptons? Anyway...

Prior to my holiday, I had been using the Thalgo Tan Booster Lotion twice a day for a week to prepare my skin for the sun.

I highly recommend this for skin which hasn't seen any sun in a while or if you find it difficult to tan. It stimulates melanin production which intensifies and prolongs a natural tan. I am in LOVE with the Thalgo Tan Booster, I feel like using it all year round! It has worked a treat for me.

Also, I find sunbathing quite boring after one day, so it's great to know with good products, you can safely catch the sun whilst enjoying your holiday seeing exciting new places.

I used the Hampton Sun SPF 30 sun lotion throughout my time in the sun, on my face and body. I used the SPF 15 gel on my lower legs (for some reason they take ages to tan). Both products smell delicous and are lovely and light, they don't leave any residue or feel greasy on your skin.

I used the after sun moisturiser after a shower and I used the cooling shimmer spray to keep my arms and legs cool. The shimmer spray smells divine but the shimmer was very discreet (which I like) but if you like a lot of sparkle, be warned that it's really not that shimmery.

The Thalgo Tan Booster will go into 'my heroes' as it is truly an amazing, must-have star product!

My verdict on Hampton Sun: 10/10! Also, going into 'my heroes' list.

Hampton Sun is available at Space.NK.

Thalgo is available to buy at, the Tan Booster costs £24.50

The colour of my skin after being exposed to the sun walking around (not sunbathing)


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