Tuesday, 4 January 2011

So Obsessed over OCC Lip Tars

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

I've got loads to blog about as a result of a dramatic December and I have three new years resolutions;

1. Talk less when blogging as I have a tendency to babble on like I'm writing an exclusive feature for a magazine.

2. To turn my humble blog into a .com or.co.uk, I don't mean like a proper interactive website, just a.com/co.uk because I'd like to get rid of the blogspot part (no offence blogger).

3. To meet up with all of you amazingly talented and cool beauty bloggers this year!

So, the point of this post is to tell you I have become addicted (obsessively) with the OCC Lip Tars, I first read about these around 2 years ago in Nylon Mag but couldn't find them anywhere in the UK to buy them (and then forgot about them) until I saw Kaushal at Beauty Fulfilled wearing Anime Lip Tar by OCC! I recognised the colour and she confirmed it was the OCC Lip Tar. To my delight, she sent me to http://www.geniecosmetics.co.uk/ where they have ALL the colours!

L: Trick R: Anime

They are super highly pigmented colours, I was expecting a lip gloss but they aren't, they apply like a gloss and they dry matte (they also smell delicously minty). They really stain as well, my lips were stained with Anime the following morning. I recommend you exfoliate and moisturise lips before applying and use a lip brush. You can mix the colours up and have fun or layer with lipgloss or lip balm.

I only have two right now but I am going to put my order in for Harlot and Trollop this week. Can't wait! Wish I could own every colour.

I'm Obesessively Compulsively addicted to these bad gals!


  1. I really want to buy these :) I love anime on Kaushal - such a gorgeous colour xx

  2. I want to get some too! But they're quite high maintenance to apply and I can get lazy lol xx

  3. Anime looks SO HOT on her, looks nothing like that on me!!!

    They are defo high maintenance but really really worth it for the lasting power and quality.


  4. I just saw your pictures of the two you got on your Facebook page! Yay :D

    Kaushal xx

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  6. Great post Louise, looks like I need to do some shopping!

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