Tuesday, 23 March 2010

MUIG Returns

Hey, hey, hey,

I'm baaaaaaaaaaack. I can't believe how busy I have been and that I haven't updated my blog in ages. Time is ticking away too quickly for my liking, however, the only good thing about it is that Summer is around the corner.

I have been a busy buzzing bee trying out the Clarasonic. You may remember me mentioning this in an older blog before it was launched. Well, I bought one and wasn't too impressed.

It comes with a cleansing products, a face brush and a body brush (for that dreaded cellulite). I had huge expectations for this because two of my mates LOVE it, they won't wash their faces with anything else.

So, the first time I used it, I used the cleanser that came with it, a skin polisher (an exfoliator) and then as per the instructions, used the clarasonic. It didn't feel like it was doing much, the timer element is good, it gives you 10/20 seconds cleaning for each part of your face. However, my skin didn't feel very clean so out of curiosity I used my Eve Lom muslin cloth to check and there it was on the cloth - MAKE UP!

My mate - Kate, who feels lost without her clarasonic, told me to turn up the vibrations (which I didn't realise I could do) so I said i'd give it another go the following night.

After getting to grips with the vibrations control, I was good to go. It felt like my skin was really scrubbed clean and couldn't believe what a bimbo I was and how I had got it wrong, but then I had to check it had removed every last scrap of my make up. I used my muslin cloth to wipe over my clarasonic-cleansed face and once again- traces of make up left over.

The thing is, I don't even wear heavy make up, literally tinted moisturiser, bronzer and blusher, so I was surprised that the Clarasonic didn't remove it as it claims to clean skin 6 times more than regular methods.

My skin felt super soft but you can't use it to remove eye make up either.

I'll definitely be sticking to good old Eve Lom. Sometimes new technology can't beat traditional methods.

It's pricey at £175 so unless you have money to burn then I wouldn't recommend buying it. I'm going to try and sell mine on Ebay.


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